In 2006, Quintero-Castro Studios's first project was Valente Q. Castro's The Ten Commandments, a film about the original movie starring Charlton Heston as Moses. The film was never finished and was eventually erased. Though it became a standard for filming Lego without using stop-motion animation. Stop-motion is time-consuming and with the practice of actual movement of the minifigures without seeing hands was an actual milestone. Pictures of the sets and landscapes of the film exist and were restored in 2011. (see picture gallery)
Another project emerged later in 2009, it was Ma and Pa Kettle: Back on the Farm a short film that was based on the characters Ma and Pa Kettle. The film was entirely filmed in 2009 and later released partly in 2010. It is still to be finished.


With the making of the studios' YouTube channel, QuinteroCastroFilms, the first live-action short Lego The Beverly Hillbillies was released to the public audience in January 10, 2010. Many short films were released publicly from January to December 2010, an age currently called "The Beginnings of Quintero-Castro Studios" since many short films were indeed short-lived and silent. The most notable were: Lego Ma and Pa KettleLego Ahab and Jezebel, Lego Pancho Villa and his Soldaderas, Lego Pancho Villa at War, and Lego Beach House Burns.
After a technical discovery, talkies emerged with Lego El Chavo in March 26, 2010; with voice-actress Isabela Castres film debut. The film is currently one of the studios' most viewed videos online. It parodies El Chavo, a Mexican sitcom. Another talkie was The Death of Pancho Villa, it was the third and last installment in the "Lego Pancho Villa" series.








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