Below are a series of pictures that were taken during the filming of Valente Q. Castro's "The Ten Commandments" (2006), a lost film. These stills of some of the scenes were saved and eventually restored as well as remastered to be presented here. More stills will be restored and later presented on this page.

The film was never completed and incidentally erased. These stills only exist, but a probable future remake is thought of.

Yoshebel, infant Moses, and Miriam in the nile river
Taken in 2006, restored 2011.

 Aaron, Moses, Rameses, Centaur, Nefretiri, and Jannes during the plague of blood in the water.

Taken in 2006, restored 2011.

Sephora, Moses, and the Hebrews during the parting of the Red Sea. 

Taken in 2006, restored 2011.

Jethro, Sephora, Moses and the Israelites during the worshiping of the golden calf.

Taken in 2006, restored 2011. 

Bluescreen technology, or chroma key 

Bluescreen is a technique where actors are filmed in a foreground 
in front of a bluescreen which will later be overlapped with a background. This technique has been successful in The Ten Commandments (1956) and Star Wars (1977).

Left: Here is an example of a shot of Lego Joan of Arc, with a matte painting of Chinon in the background. The far left picture has a blue haze around the characters and foreground, this is a demonstration of how scenes in old films looked like when they used bluescreen. The light blue outline was because the overlapping was sometimes not precise. The Ten Commandments (1956), has a situation like this in the scene where Moses shows Sethi the city he built. As the film was released in Blu-ray, those hazes have completely disappeared.

is also evident in older films such as in the 1950s. The Ten Commandments has this blue haze

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