Much dispute has revolved around which of these two shows is the best? As you have probably seen, I have remade The Munsters in LEGO. It's common-sense: the answer is The Munsters! The Addams Family were too odd for its viewers back in 1964, they look like they want to kill you, Morticia doesn't care for the children, Gomez has a SCARY face, and the kids trying to kill each other? No, The Munsters were a more appealing family that 1960s Americans could relate to. Herman Munster actually has a job and maintains the family with that. Lily Munster, is an at-home mom, who seems just like any other normal mother. Grandpa, a bit eccentric, is a funny; yet caring grandfather who lives with them. Marilyn Munster, graciously portrayed by both Beverley Owen and Pat Priest at seperate times, is a normal 1960s gal that lives with her maternally related Munster family.