"Deborah, the Prophetess" (will be released in Mexico as "D├ębora, la profetiza") will be an upcoming film about Deborah the Israelitess prophetess and judge who advised Barak to fight with an army against Canaanite king Jabin's Captain general, Sisera. The film will center on Deborah's prophetic comment on Barak's journey toward the battlefield, that of the Sisera's death at the hands of Jael. The film will feature voices for Deborah, Barak, Sisera, and Jael; as well as cameos for Sisera's mother, Lapidoth, and Heber. 

The film will be one of the first live-action Lego films based on Biblical accounts, as well as using of an adapted screenplay strongly based and lived from the Biblical scriptures. The first film (of Quintero-Castro Studios) to portray a Biblical event was Lot's Wife. Other possible titles for the film are Lego Deborah, Jael and Sisera, The Prophecy of Deborah, and Deborah.
Jael will be portrayed by Isabela Castres.