Lego Pancho Villa and his Soldaderas, is a series of two brickfilms that explore fictional accounts of the revolutionary life of Mexico's famous war-hero Pancho Villa. As the title indicates, Villa is seen along with his soldaderas-or revolutionary women. Both episodes first aired on March 15, 2010, and spawned the feature brickfilm The Death of Pancho Villa.


  • "Lego Pancho Villa and his Soldaderas", the first espisode, narrates the Villa's transformation from a carranzista general to a revolutionary leader, as well as the introduction to his three companions-Maria, Elvira, Candelaria and their journey to Santa Cruz.
  • "The Siege of Santa Cruz", the second and last episode, explores Pancho Villa and his soldaderas arriving at Santa Cruz, and executing the last federal in the town, who also had made a plot to assassinate Villa.

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