Lego Pancho Villa and his Soldaderas is a series about Lego Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary hero interpreted by a LEGO minifigure. He, along with his soldaderas La Doña (based on María Félix), La Viejita, and La Borracha experience adventures through the town of Santa Cruz and northern Mexico. 

Two episodes (Lego Pancho Villa and his Soldaderas, Lego Pancho Villa at War) were aired on March 15, 2010. A feature brickfilm (The Death of Pancho Villa) was released on March 27, 2010. 

It was the first brickfilm series that Quintero Castro Studios produced. The unique intro of all three entries was of the title credits projected on an aged film effect, when the intro was over, the aged film faded into color. The feature, and last, included the voices of starlet Isabela Castres billed as "La Indita Belen" (The Adventures of Time) and creator Valente Q. Castro. A fourth installment was planned to be released with Isabela Castres as The Widow of Pancho Villa with a storyline of Luz Corral avenging her husband's death by challenging the murderers. The brickfilm was partly filmed, although producers say that maybe a full prequel to the series can be made with live-action instead of original stop-motion. The music in the series were songs of Mexican ranchera singer Antonio Aguilar; "El Mayor de los Dorados", "La Toma de Zacatecas" displayed in the intros. These series were built on a platform set used for screen tests for Lego Jezebel (notice the palace of Ahab in the background; the white one with Lego accents such as the balcony and upper wall). 



Episode 1

Lego Pancho Villa and his Soldaderas



The Seige of Santa Cruz (known as; Lego Pancho Villa at War as YouTube alternative name)




The Death of Pancho Villa starring Isabela Castres and Valente Q. Castro

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