Quintero-Castro Studios will grant awards to its short films, actors, and characters. Today October 3, 2011, is the start of the QUINTERO-CASTRO STUDIOS' 1ST ANNUAL GOLDMINIFIGURE AWARD FESTIVAL. Through a tedious task, the number of the videos' views do not reflect their presence in the festival. The films are awarded because of their quality and capacity. These subjects may have been released in 2010, but since this is the first award giving of the studios', the previous films fall on this festival. Each subject winner, will be awarded a digital image of a Golden minifigure with the title or award of it given below. These awards do not entirely view the public's opinion, but they are based on the studios' intention to award, and will also be mentioned elsewhere as the official award given to them before this. Nana received a nomination for "Best Character", but won the "Best Actor". The film nominated the most is The Adventures of Time, being nominated three times for "Best Story", "Best Set Decoration", and "Best Special Effects", the last which it won. Lego Pancho Villa at War represents the entire series and was only nominated once for "Best Color".

Categories, nominees, and winners are: 

Best Character of 2011, nominees are "Pancho Villa", "Ma and Pa Kettle", and "Nana".                                          The winner is "Pancho Villa".*

Best Story of 2011, nominees are "Lego Beach House Burns", "The Adventures of Time", and "La Vecindad Montemayor". The winner is "Lego Beach House Burns".*

Best Set Decoration of 2011, nominees are "Lego Ahab and Jezebel", "Gone with the Brick", "The Adventures of Time". The winner is "Lego Ahab and Jezebel".*

Best Color of 2011, nominees are "Gone with the Brick", "Lego Pancho Villa at War", "Lego El Chavo".                  The winner is "Gone with the Brick".*

Best Special Effects of 2011, are "The Adventures of Time", "Lego Beach House Burns!", and "Lego Ahab and Jezebel". The winner is "The Adventures of Time".*

Best Starring Role of 2011, Isabela Castres in "The Adventures of Time" and "Nana" in "La Vecindad Montemayor", and  Valente Q. Castro in "The Death of Pancho Villa".                                                              The winner is "Nana".*

The Adventures of Time, starring Valente Quintero-Castro, Isabela Castres, and El Chefo Elias. The most nominated film of the award festival with three nominations for "Best Story", "Best Set Decoration", and "Best Special Effects", the last which it won.

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